A new compound called Resveratrol is produced using modern biotechnology without toxic chemicals. This technology provides a complete safety of preparations. Resveratrol provides the necessary essential antioxidants that can help slow your aging process. One of the best sources of Resveratrol is red wine.

Resveratrol is red wineResveratrol is a powerful natural antioxidant, has immunomodulatory effects. This substance surpassed in the activity action already known antioxidants and is becoming increasingly popular biologically active additive which increases the life expectancy. A scientific substantiation of this statement further will be considered.

Broadcasting company, CBS, as well as many other media, have produced a report on the effects of Resveratrol that will probably be the most widely discussed as a means of maintaining youth. According to scientists, there is a connection between an action of Resveratrol а and effect named ” French paradox ” – the low level of cardiovascular diseases in the south of France to the local diet rich in saturated fats. And only recently, scientists were able to determine the cause of this effect. This is due to the fact that they since 16 years up to the end of life drink daily, approximately 200-300 grams of good natural red dry wine. However, it is clear that such a regime drinking alcohol in most cases impossible.

Sirtuin gene slows the ageing process

The CBS report reflects information on the research of the famous scientist from Harvard University, Mr. Sinclair, who specializes in the study of genetic factors of aging. He found that Resveratrol contains an active gene Sirtuin (SIRT1), which is also called the longevity gene. According to scientists, Resveratrol activates the SIRT1 gene and thus slows down the process of aging, increasing life expectancy. In the study of biologically active forms of Resveratrol, trans-Resveratrol has been clinically confirmed the activating effect of the latter on the gene SIRT1, which also is made active at observance caloric restriction (CR). Now scientists from the National Institutes of Health (National Institutes of Health) are developing a plan of research of the impact is very low-calorie diet on the human body and its longevity.


The beneficial effect of Resveratrol is similar to the effect of a low-calorie diet

For nearly two decades, the study was conducted on monkeys as reported by CBS and the results were simply stunning. Monkeys, who consumed 30% fewer calories, look younger, healthier, and less likely to suffer arthritis. Compared to them, the monkeys, which consumed a normal amount of calories, more common cases of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The doctor Richard Weindruch, heading research, informs, that mortality among the overfed monkeys has made 50%, while among the monkeys supported on a low-calorie diet, only about 25%. The study also took part the Society of Lovers of low-calorie food (Calorie Restricted society). The results of research show, that the participants of the experiment had amazing changes of a condition, body state: was lowered blood pressure, has decreased of weight and the risk of occurrence of diabetes, cancer, and diseases of the heart were are minimized.

Drugs based on Resveratrol slow the aging process and promote weight loss

The difficulties in the maintenance of a low-calorie diet arising practically at all people are caused by our usual habits of a feed, therefore, the effects of maintenance of a low-calorie diet for the majority of the people are unattainable.

Mr. Sinclair said in an interview with CBS that at the given moment he works above creation of a preparation, which actually will be simulating the effect of maintaining a low-calorie diet. It would allow the people to conduct an unhealthy image of life, remaining, however, practically healthy.

On the market, today there is a lot of products based on Resveratrol. One of the most effective is the drug called ResPerfect Resveratrol that contains natural ingredients and has no known side effects on the body. This food supplement contains 4 fantastic ingredients: Resveratrol, Acai, Green tea and Hoodia.

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Recommendation to take ResPerfect:ResPerfect Resveratrol Pills

  • Various diseases of the cardiovascular system such as heart attack, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and stroke
  • Occupational diseases related to work in hazardous occupations
  • Frequent contact with stressful situations
  • Conducting radio and chemotherapy
  • Varicose veins and clogged veins (thrombophlebitis)
  • Allergic reactions, asthma
  • Diabetes

Consult with your doctor before taking this product.

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