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Provacyl HGH Testosterone Booster

Are you suffering from the consequences of a sharp drop in growth hormone levels which is a common symptom of andropause, better known as male menopause? A team of professionals at Leading Edge Health offers a reliable way to successfully deal with the symptoms of male andropause.

Try Provacyl, the most effective HGH booster and male libido pill that can help support male health and improve sexual performance.

Provacyl can also help you reduce the signs of aging associated with andropause, feel younger, and become a confident man.

What is Provacyl?

Provacyl is an all-natural dietary supplement that promotes the generation of natural growth hormones and testosterone which is a key male sex hormone.

In fact, Provacil is a powerful HGH and testosterone booster made from herbal ingredients and amino acids that help reduce the effects of aging and andropause in men.


Benefits of Provacyl

  • Regain your enjoyment of spontaneous sex. With stronger, longer-lasting erections and improved sex drive.
  • Experience a surge in energy. And delight in improved attention, memory, and mental clarity.
  • Take notice of physical aging signs reducing. Even eliminated in some instances.

The benefits don’t end there. Here is what Provacyl can do for you:

  • Getting more lean muscle
  • Aid with fat burning
  • Boosting virility and more
  • Boost testosterone and HGH
  • Return of self-confidence
  • Feel as though you are in your twenties.

What is Andropause (Male Menopause)

Elderly couple in bed, Male andropauseMale andropause, sometimes known as “male menopause,” happens when a man’s ability to produce growth hormones and the male sex hormone testosterone begins to decline. Typically, andropause occurs in men aged 45-50 years approximately.

Reducing the level of testosterone and growth hormone in the body leads to a certain change in the sexual behavior of men. This, primarily, reduced potency, stamina, and libido, weak sex drive, problems achieving an erection, and deterioration of semen quality.

If you have a problem with male andropause, it means the problem is much deeper than just a problem of physical aging. Your problem is also an emotional one. You have less confidence. You’re having sex less frequently.

These circumstances negatively affect both your personal and professional relationships. In turn, this affects your perception of yourself as a person who is in total control of his life.

All these symptoms are the things that men who suffer from andropause complain about. Therefore, in the end, many men begin to look for effective solutions to overcome such a problem in their sexual life as male menopause. Luckily, Provacyl might be your lucky choice.

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Supported by ZMA

Provacyl comes with ZMA. The health community is talking about this combination of zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate, and vitamin B6 because of its effect on testosterone and HGH.

A clinical study of athletes has shown that ZMA significantly increases testosterone and HGH levels. Both of these hormones are associated with muscle growth, increased energy, and enhanced immune function.

Better vitality results from this. In Provacyl, ZMA mixes with other nutrients that raise testosterone, such as d-aspartic acid, to improve virility and power while aiding men in regaining that lost step that typically occurs as we age.


How does Provacyl work?

Happy couple walking on the beachProvacyl as an HGH booster and natural virility supplement contains amino acids, herbs, and vitamins that gently instruct the body to begin producing more of these two critical hormones on its own.

As your body uses and processes the components of Provacyl, this procedure takes three to six months to complete. But within the first three weeks of using Provacyl, you should start feeling and seeing effects.

When your body uses the nutrients, you can regain your lost ground and pace. Now that your body is producing more growth hormone and testosterone, the effects of aging are diminished.

Powerful Ingredients

Provacyl is a powerful HGH booster including a special blend of all-natural ingredients that stimulate the body to naturally produce both growth hormone and the male sex hormone testosterone.

This blend of the freshest quality ingredients works together to reduce the effects of male andropause.

Provacyl daily supplement is manufactured in a cGMP-certified facility using the highest quality ingredients and a track record of delivering real results for their customers.Happy elderly man on a bike in the park

The Provacyl natural formula includes:

This amino acid can triple the level of growth hormone even in old age. It increases fat burning, builds muscle tissue, boosts energy and male fertility, and more!

It is an amino acid used by the body to deal with stress. In addition, it improves metabolism, increases energy, and also improves immunity.

Taking lysine with arginine is 10 times more effective than taking arginine alone. It also boosts immunity and improves sexual function.

This amino acid may support cognition and improve short-term and long-term memory in adults.

Tyrosine is a building block for the hormone thyroxine, which is produced by the thyroid gland and aids in the regulation of metabolism, growth, and mood.

This amino acid functions as a neurotransmitter to improve the efficiency of nerve impulses in your brain. It has also been demonstrated to increase HGH.

Muira Puama
Muira Puama is used as an aphrodisiac. Also used to relieve stress and stimulate the nervous system. Also, with continued use, Muira Puama increases testosterone levels.

Ginkgo Biloba
Its leaves have long been utilized to boost memory and fend off dementia’s ravages. Additionally, ginkgo can improve sex life and improve blood circulation all throughout the body.

Panax Ginseng
It has been used to treat depression and manage stress. Additionally, Panax Ginseng could strengthen your immune system drive and boost your sex.

Acai Fruit
This fruit is a superfood that is bursting with anti-aging antioxidants that can help fend against illness and the signs of age.

Swedish Pollen Flower
It’s a great source of enzymes, vitamins, and minerals that are needed for health. Additionally, it might benefit the prostate and the immunological system.

Longjack (Tongkat)
According to studies, it increases male sex drive. In addition to increasing muscle build and development, it also seems to increase testosterone.

Anterior Pituitary
This activates the pituitary gland and promotes HGH secretion. Furthermore, it might also enhance weak muscular tone.

Soy Phosphate Complex
These are vegetable-derived fats. They improve mood, improve cognition, and support liver function in addition to lowering depression. It generally maintains your brain functioning properly.

Your adrenal glands produce the hormone DHEA that the body transforms into male sex hormones. It appears to protect males from heart disease. DHEA may also increase your energy and aid in stress management.

This aids in controlling your emotional responses. Along with helping to regulate body temperature and hormone synthesis, including HGH, it also plays a role in endocrine function.

Vitamin K2 (MK4)
The antioxidant vitamin K2 may help the heart and may even keep testosterone levels stable.

Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
This is one of the five types of vitamin D, and research indicated that when males took it for a year, their testosterone levels rose by 25%.

Magnesium, as Magnesium Aspartate
Men can increase their athletic potential with magnesium. According to a study, it helped men shorten the amount of time needed for training for triathlons. Additionally, magnesium seems to aid in the oxygenation of muscles.

Vitamin B6 or Pyridoxine HCI
Vitamin B6 helps regulate testosterone levels and other steroid hormones. Along with magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 as pyridoxine, it is a component of the ZMA combination, which has enormous potential for those seeking to turn back the clock.

D-Aspartic Acid
The body is instructed to release LH, HGH, and testosterone via D-aspartic acid. According to a study, it upped the testosterone levels in 20 out of 23 guys by as much as 42%.

Zinc, as Zinc Monomethionine Aspartate
You can increase your virility with zinc. It has been demonstrated to raise testosterone levels and improve sexual performance as well.

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When Will I See the Results?

In just 30 days, you will notice a significant improvement in your energy levels, focus, and sex drive.

Most users of Provacyl report feeling more energized and sleeping better after the first two to three weeks of use. Additionally, they claim that after two months, their attractiveness, lean muscular mass, and skin tone all improved.

It is highly recommended to complete at least a 3-month course, because, if you stop taking it, your growth hormone level would drop dramatically once more.

The greatest benefits of taking Provacyl for the best results in overall physical, mental, and sexual health begin to show after 6 months of use.

How should I use Provacyl?

Just take two tablets twice a day, preferably in the morning and again in the evening. In this way, you can expect to continue enjoying the anti-aging benefits of Provacyl as well as enjoying life as long as you take the supplement daily.



There is a 67-day money-back guarantee if you for any reason are not 100% satisfied with the results. Just return two empty containers within the specified 67 days from the date of delivery.

Provacyl HGH Supplement

Where is It Better to Buy Provacyl?

It is recommended to buy Provacyl pills directly from the supplier through their official website. Thus, you will get the original product at the best price, excluding any fraud.

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Final Words

Provacyl is probably the best growth hormone booster for men with symptoms of andropause who also experience low testosterone levels. Because this daily dietary supplement with powerful ingredients can restore both hormones and help you get back in the game to a very large extent.

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