The GenF20 Plus Oral Spray With Alpha GPCTo get the most out of the GenF20 Plus system, combine it with an oral spray.

GenF20 Spray has been on the market since 2010 and has established itself as a powerful natural growth hormone booster that stimulates the body to produce its own growth hormone through the pituitary gland. The product is known for its anti-aging effects that help fight the signs of aging and really make people look and feel younger.

The following are some of the advantages of human growth hormones:

  • A younger-looking appearance.
  • Muscle tone has improved.
  • Feel more energetic.
  • Weight loss with decreased body fat.
  • Boosted metabolism.
  • Reduced cholesterol levels.
  • Higher sex drive.
  • More vitality.
  • Improved mood and mental acuity.
  • Better sleep.
  • The vision is clearer and healthier.
  • A more powerful immune system.

How to Increase HGH Production Even More!

When you buy GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser by visiting the official site’s order page, you get an upsell offer for another great product, Alpha GPC Oral Spray from the same manufacturer. You can buy one or both products. Buying both products will be the best choice for maximum effect.

The use of both products in conjunction allows you to achieve maximum results and receive numerous health benefits associated with growth hormones.

What is Alpha GPC Oral Spray?

This is a powerful growth hormone secretagogue with a selection of herbal ingredients in an oral spray from Leading Edge Health.

What Ingredients

The GenF20 Plus Oral Spray contains a potent combination of amino acids, botanical agents, and human growth hormone precursors, including the clinically validated Alpha GPC.

Additionally, GenF20 Plus Oral Spray contains Mucuna Pruriens (seeds), GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid), Moomiyo Extract, L-Glutamine, Ornithine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Valine, Glycine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Isoleucine as HGH boosters.

How does it work?

GenF20 Plus Spray works synergistically with the powerful formulation already found in GenF20Plus capsules. As a result, the body increases its own production of growth hormones even more.

As numerous testimonies of satisfied customers show, this practice of combined use of products allows you to achieve the best positive effect and get the maximum benefit for the body.

GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser with Alpha GPC Oral Spray

1 Month Package, Price for both products $129.90/ea, $109.90/ea, Save $20.00/ea

Benefits of Alpha GPC

Clinical investigations have found that Alpha GPC has the following benefits:

  • HGH secretion by the Anterior Pituitary is increased.
  • Enhances the effects of the Anterior Pituitary’s other hormones.
  • Enhances the synthesis of phosphatidylcholine, which improves mental attention and cognitive performance.
  • Increases the effectiveness of strength-training workouts by increasing muscle strength.
  • Increased physical stamina.
  • Stronger bones and increased bone density.
  • Improves the liver’s fat removal.
  • Strengthens the immune system.Athlete with dumbbells
  • The condition and color of the hair have been restored.
  • Skin that looks and feels firmer and smoother.
  • Diminished wrinkles, crows’ feet, laugh lines, and age spots.
  • Works synergistically with vitamins B6, SAMe, B12, and folic acid.
  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • The doctor endorsed for results.

Benefits for Athletes

During a clinical trial, alpha-GPC (alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine) was found to boost HGH secretion. This additional HGH boost has the ability to reduce discomfort and speed recovery time.

Researchers discovered that after taking Alpha-GPC, a group of athletes experienced a 44X rise in peak HGH.

How to use

For optimal efficiency, take 6 sprays orally every day with your GenF20 Plus Daily Supplement.

Where to Buy GenF20 Plus Spray

It is recommended to buy through the official website to get the original product at the best price and without any possible fraud.

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