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Bauer Nutrition company produces premium class health products that are in high demand and are popular in many countries around the world. For over 7 years, the company has been offering high-quality supplement products that meet international quality and safety standards. Produced supplements for overall health, sports nutrition and cosmetics are suitable for customers of different age categories. Everyone can find something for their needs in order to lead a healthier, better and happier life.

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All Bauer Nutrition products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities based on advanced, well-developed technologies. The production uses 100% high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients.

Best Products For Each Category

Supplements produced by the company are divided into 4 different categories. Supplements in each category differ in their properties and composition of ingredients and are designed to meet different health needs. The entire Bauer Nutrition premium supplement products range includes:

General Health

Healthy Young Woman Smiling HappilyHealth supplements that help keep your body in top condition. Health products such as Calcium & Magnesium support healthy bones, Fish Oil provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids

Maintain a healthy body condition both inside and out with essential vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Also use skin, face and hair care products.

General health depends largely on the work of the digestive tract through which nutrients are absorbed and harmful waste and toxins are eliminated.

Improve your digestion and support immune system health with Performance Probiotic supplement. In addition, Performance Probiotic can improve the work of the urogenital system, skin condition and increase energy levels.


Weight Loss

Slim Young Woman Measures Her WaistSlimming products that help you improve your metabolism and lose weight so you will look better than ever.

Lose weight and tone up your body with a wide range of slimming supplements. Natural products like Meratol, CapsiplexGarcinia CambogiaProactol XS contain clinically proven ingredients that work to increase metabolism and lose fat effectively.

Each of the fat breaking products is carefully designed so that you can improve your weight loss plan. Even if your weight loss goal is defined, the Bauer weight loss range will always help you achieve them accurately.

Clinically proven Proactol XS supplement can help control weight. This product contains natural fat-binding chitosan fiber that can make you feel full. This means that Proactol XS will increase the feeling of satiety after eating and reduce fat intake.


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Sports Nutrition

Young couple running on beachFind the best supplements that will help you achieve your sport and fitness goals.

Support your body with the necessary nutrients it needs during exercise. For example, such supplements as You Tonics Sport, Muscletronic, Body Fuel HMB improve energy levels, increase recovery, reduce recovery time and much more.

From performance through to recovery, Bauer Nutrition store has got what you need to take your athletic performance to the next level.

YouTonics Sport is a fast acting, advanced performance booster supplement made in the form of a drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Tri-Optimized, High Protein BCAA Blend It help you Improve performance, maximize muscle retention, promote muscle repair and regeneration.

Build, repair, and recovery of muscle with the Bauer sports nutrition range. Use protein shakes, powders, energy boosters and more.



Beautiful young woman with perfect healthy skinPremium beauty and skin care to revitalize and refresh your look. Improve your beauty with products such as Eye Secrets Eyelid Lift or 1 Minute Face-Lift which reduces wrinkles and puffiness, tightens the skin around the eyes.

Compliment your beauty regime with a high-quality selection of skincare, hair care and anti-aging products designed to lift, tighten, repair and regenerate.

If you want to delay the aging process of the skin, as well as improve the appearance of your hair, nails, and skin around the eyes, then try a collagen drink called YouTonics

Enhance your natural beauty and attractiveness with the Bauer beauty range.

For women who want to have fuller and firmer breasts, and a more sexy body shape look, there is a solution. Vollure is a safe, clinically proven, 100% natural remedy that can visibly increase breast size.


Bauer Nutrition Great Value Offers

Best Offer on Premium Supplement Products at Bauer NutritionOn its official website, the company regularly offers its customers coupon codes, great deals, and discounts to save money. There are Bauer Nutrition valuable offers when you buy the best products for weight loss, beauty, sports nutrition and general health with discounts and coupons.

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By choosing this offer you can save up to $180. This is probably the best deal for top selling products.

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In addition, buying any Bauer Nutrition supplements provides free shipping with each order in any country.

Best-Selling Products on Bauer Nutrition in 2019

Proactol XS All Natural Fat Binder, Weight Loss
Proactol XS $64.95
Contains natural fat-binding fibers for fast and safe weight loss.
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Capsiplex - Calorie Burner, Weight Loss
Capsiplex $49.95
Increases metabolic rate, burn more calories, suppress appetite.
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Garcinia Cambogia - All-In-One Weight Loss Solution
Garcinia Cambogia $59.95
Suppresses appetite, burns fat and reduces weight.
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Eye Secrets Eye Lid Lift - Eye Care Solution
Eye Secrets Eyelid Lift $59.95
For beauty and eye care, lifts the eyelids lowered.
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YouTonics Skin - Skin Care Solution
YouTonics Skin $69.95
Improves the health of the skin, hair, nails, gums and even the eyes.
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Meratol - Carb Blocker
Meratol $59.95
Increases metabolism and speeds up digestion, removes fat from the body.
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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bauer Nutrition LogoThere is a warranty on the return of your money. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the purchased goods, the company undertakes to return 100% of the value of the goods excluding delivery costs. Simply return unused bottles in their original packaging within 67 days of receipt of your order.

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