Benefits of Anti-Ageing Diet

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How to live longer by changing your diet? Longevity is directly related to a healthy diet because it prevents chronic diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, heart disease and others that are a major cause of aging. After 40 years, inevitably … Continued

Biological Age Test

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Find out Your Biological Age (RealAge) Everyone would like to live a long, happy and never get sick. But the time goes by, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. And looking at myself in the mirror, we … Continued

HGH And Weight Loss

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As is well-known growth hormone (HGH) – a hormone produced by the brain. This hormone is responsible for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing the adipose tissue, making its energy source for fat burning. And it can help weight loss. Reduction … Continued

HGH and Sexual Health

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 HGH is widely used to reduce the effects of aging on the body. Apart from the reduction of wrinkles and the maintenance of energy levels even in the older years, HGH also improves sexual performance and increases pleasure during sex. … Continued

How to Look Younger Than Your Age

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Many people are concerned about premature ageing and want to look younger and live as long as possible. Men and women want to have a young and fresh look of the face, slender, athletic figure. Really attractive, neat appearance of … Continued