Fitness and exercise prevent premature aging

How to Prevent Premature Aging

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Senile decrepitude now threatens people at 50 and even 40 years old. What should be done to avoid this premature aging problem?

Currently, humanity lives under the threat of contracting a new coronavirus infection, but this is far from the only scourge of our time that can cause serious damage to human health.

Low physical activity and a passion for tasty and high-calorie food have become the reasons that senile sarcopenia, a disease characterized by degenerative changes and muscle atrophy. Now there are such negative signs of fifty and even forty-year-old people.

Muscles gradually atrophy due to long sitting

The disease of sarcopenia is indeed getting younger and this happens, because people began to lead a mostly sedentary and recumbent lifestyle. However, as you know, a person is not only a rational creature but also, what is important, an upright creature. The human body is adapted to be on its feet all day and only briefly reduces activity during sleep.

In our modern reality, it turns out that people, mainly residents of the city, during the day only do what they sit, and then go to sleep. Muscle mass is not used and therefore begins to atrophy, endocrinologists say.

In addition, a person not only moves a little but also eats a lot. He receives high-calorie food, such that he did not eat often in natural conditions. After all, traditionally, what kind of diet did a person have? Seasonal fruits were a source of sweetness. And he could get fats from meat, which he also did not eat every day. Therefore, the diet consisted mainly of plant foods, roots, and fruits.

There were few options for accumulating large amounts of adipose tissue. Now there are a million food options. High-calorie food is available around the clock. But at the same time, a person moves little due to a sedentary lifestyle. These factors are the prerequisites for the development of sarcopenia at an early age.

About a hundred years ago, the development of sarcopenia at an early age was preceded by severe metabolic diseases. Now sarcopenia can also become a consequence of diseases such as cirrhosis, oncology. But such a diagnosis as presarkopenia is becoming more and more frequent. It is put in the case when a person has one of the symptoms of sarcopenia, for example, muscle mass decreases, and fat, on the contrary, increases.

Therefore, just presarkopenia is becoming the real scourge of our time – doctors say. Both men and women are susceptible to this disease, but women are still to a greater extent, and this is only due to the fact that many muscles of the body are practically not used. The risk group definitely does not include representatives of those professions that work on their feet. These are waiters, hairdressers, couriers, shop assistants. But for doctors, teachers, and the entire office contingent, presarkopenia is typical.

What is early sedentary death syndrome?

American scientists in 2010 published the results of a large-scale study of presarcopenia and called this ailment “early sedentary death syndrome.”

Death can indeed be the result of presarkopenia. Muscle tissue is actually a large organ in the human body that helps to get rid of metabolic products, from various harmful substances, including stress hormones.

Weak muscles mean a greater likelihood of falls and fractures. It is also a weak immune system, disorders in the hormonal system, and cardiovascular disasters. If there are few muscles, then the whole organism becomes unprotected, weakened, and very quickly, so to speak, is “written off” by nature.

In people with insufficient and weakened muscle mass, reproductive function is reduced. Moreover, if it is actually possible to conceive, bear, and give birth to a child, then, all the same, the offspring is born less viable – warn endocrinologists.

Infertility in the modern world is becoming so widespread that IVF is becoming national proportions. Thus, a huge chain of undesirable health consequences unfolds from one simple fact: people have stopped moving.

Rules to overcome premature old age

Squat and do push-ups throughout the day and drink water

Going to the gym regularly to exercise for moderate physical activity is one of the prerequisites for maintaining health and slowing down the aging process and not looking older than your age. But if this is not possible, then in any case it is important to be physically active. Nature spares no one, and if you do not do what you should by nature, then you will be sick and grow old ahead of time.

Woman doing push-ups

If you are doing office or other sedentary work, then you need to follow some simple rules. For example, during breaks, perform effective basic exercises such as squats and push-ups. In addition, during the day, you must regularly drink plain water. Both of these rules should be followed almost automatically, as doctors recommend.

Why is it better to distribute physical activity over a period of time during the day, rather than focusing only on the early morning or late evening? There is a trick here. If a person is hyperdynamic during the day and this happens for a long time, not even months, but years, then a number of enzymes that allow muscle tissue to remain active, for example, lipoprotein lipase, lose their activity forever. Therefore, you need to do something physically throughout the day.

Office tricks: walking stairs

If you work in an office, you can, for example, go to the reception on another floor yourself and, for example, pick up your documents. Even such minimal physical activity allows you not to lose the necessary enzymes. But the regime in which you sit all day, but compensate for this by mass training in the morning or in the evening two or three times a week in the gym, does not work to strengthen the body but to deplete it. Physical activity is needed without fanaticism, but every day. It is recommended that you do two to eight sets of 40 push-ups and squats a day. Thus, you will maintain excellent physical shape.

The rule of a healthy snack

There should be no food near your computer. If you want to eat, then you need to take a break for 15 minutes (saturation hormones are released by the 15th minute) and have a snack in the dining room or in the kitchen. No chocolates, cookies, or apples in front of the computer. Just a glass of water.

Diet of protein and fiber

Protein is the most important building material without which the body cannot be complete and function well.

In order for a person to form muscle tissue normally, the body must have a good level of hormones, primarily anabolic. This requires physical activity. Protein is also needed to build muscle tissue. Therefore, a person should eat protein foods at every meal. These are both vegetable proteins and animals. Approximate ratio: 60% animal protein and 40% vegetable.

Animal-based protein is a high-quality protein, it has a high content of essential amino acids for the body. Therefore, any meal should contain protein and vegetable fiber.

Fiber is food for the microbiome, the balance of which is essential for the health of the entire body, and protein does not allow muscle tissue breakdown. If the protein does not come with food, then the body “takes out” amino acids from its own muscles, and this is a very harmful story, – remind endocrinologists.

Therefore, every meal, even a snack, should contain protein, but in different amounts. That is, if we eat a steak for lunch, then for a snack, you can eat cheese or cottage cheese (100 grams) and some kind of fruit or vegetable, depending on the time of day. We eat fruits in the first half of the day and vegetables in the second.

In addition to the above, in order to prevent premature aging, it is also necessary to add some important tips, such as getting rid of bad habits, avoiding stress, maintaining a regular sleep cycle.

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