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Proper Nutrition For a Glowing, Younger Looking Skin

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How to understand the phrase “proper nutrition for healthy and youthful-looking skin”? In beauty salons, on the Internet, and on TV, we are promised beauty and youth, and they offer new effective procedures. But do they really work? And are all these means, diets, and painful visits to specialists so necessary?

In fact, regular physical activity, skin and hair care with cosmetics and procedures, emotional attitude, and satisfaction with what we do – all this is reflected in our appearance. But what we eat is also of great importance for the condition of the skin, and the beauty of the face and body.

How does the skin age?

Healthy and young-looking skin is primarily toned skin. When the tone decreases, signs of aging appear as tiny wrinkles, dry skin, and a change in the oval of the face. The basis of elastic, youthful, and toned skin is two substances, elastin, and collagen.

With age, the amount of these substances in the skin decreases, therefore it is necessary to maintain their required level in order to preserve youth, natural beauty, and skin tone for a long time.

Thinning of elastin and collagen fibers occurs for a number of reasons, for example, due to active facial expressions: we smile and wrinkle hundreds of times a day. An important role is played by exposure to ultraviolet radiation, smoking, alcohol, and many other external factors.

In addition, elastin and collagen, like other substances, are proteins for the complete construction of which the body needs amino acids. Their lack affects the condition of the skin, as well as hair (ends split) and nails (exfoliate and break).

A balanced diet will help maintain the amino acid levels required for the normal production of elastin and collagen fibers. What foods are needed in the diet to preserve beauty and youth?

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What you should eat to prolong skin youthfulness

To maintain the required amount of elastin and collagen in the skin, it is necessary to obtain in the required amount at least such substances and trace elements as protein, vitamin C, iron, copper and zinc. Here is a sample list of the required products:

  • To provide the body with iron, you need to eat lean red meat, tongue, and liver.
  • The lack of copper in the body can be replenished by including in the diet various cereals and legumes, nuts, eggs, and by-products – the liver and kidneys of mammals.
  • Protein is found in large quantities in meat and seafood.
  • To maintain vitamin C levels, you need to eat citrus fruits, kiwi, and various berries, especially black currants.
  • Zinc is harder to find in foods and is found mainly in wheatgrass and brewer’s yeast.
  • Since all vitamins and trace elements in the body are interconnected, the use of some affects the absorption of others. Therefore, the golden rule of nutrition for health and beauty is to eat balanced and varied.

The food should be varied

This means that you need to eat various types of meat and fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs. The wider the group of products, the more diverse nutrients the body will receive, and the better you will look. Try to start with simple rules:

  • Season salads with high-quality oils: olive, flaxseed, nut, and grape seed oil. Fats entering the body allow the skin to retain moisture, and moisturized skin is less prone to wrinkling.
  • Pamper yourself with seafood – sea and river fish, shrimp, squid, octopus, and other representatives of the underwater world. Their protein is easily digestible and allows cell regeneration.
  • Include a large number of vegetables and fruits in your diet: carrots, apples, pears, strawberries, citrus fruits, kiwi, all types of colorful vegetables, all kinds of cabbage, and green beans – it can take a long time to list plant sources of vitamins. The main thing is not to be limited to two or three types of products, there should be at least fifteen names.

Drinking regime

It is now well known to drink enough water, which is very important for maintaining water balance in the body and hydration of the skin. The condition of the epidermis and hair depends on this. Drink an average of at least 1.5 liters of water per day to keep your skin fresh and healthy.

Caring must be comprehensive

Of course, nutrition alone does not keep skin young and fresh. Physical activity and walking instead of TV and computer are some of the conditions for beautiful and youthful-looking skin. Oxygen gives life to cells and creates a healthy glow.

Deep, healthy sleep for at least eight hours a day is vital. Any irregularities in the regime, first of all, affect the complexion, and a sufficient amount of sleep supports the natural strength of the body and allows you to care for the skin with minimal effort.

But the main condition for beauty and youth is special care for the skin of the face and neck. On the side of female natural beauty – cosmetics filled with the power of amazing plants collected from all over the world.

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