Scientists Currently Developing Cure for “Old Age”

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The prospect of a cure for ageing

Scientists develop anti-aging drugsScientists currently developing and experiencing in the laboratories a real cure for old age! These most promising developments will help people live longer, staying “in the prime of life.”

Buck Institute for Research on Aging (California, USA) – a globally recognized leader in the field of basic and applied research on aging. In the 20 laboratories of the Institute with the help of new technologies being developed and tested geroprotective (anti-aging) drugs, and drugs for the prevention and treatment of age-related diseases (cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.)

Americans spend millions of dollars on anti-ageing drugs

The turnover anti-ageing industry in the U.S. is really huge – about $ 4 billion a year. Basically, it is products “of external impact”: it can help to look younger, but the aging process, unfortunately, does not slow down significantly. But that is changing. Now scientists are developing and testing in laboratories true anti-ageing drugs. These innovative preparations have shown a unique effect in animal experiments: confirmed the increase in life expectancy and the resistance to the most dangerous diseases of aging – cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease.

Mysterious bacteria from Easter Island


What kind of miracle drugs?

Most of all researchers are now interested in rapamycin. This substance, which is produced by special soil bacteria – they were first discovered in the 70’s of the last century on Easter Island, hence the name, the locals call their island “Rapa Nui”. Today, rapamycin is registered and used as a medicine, immunosuppressant. It is prescribed to patients after transplantation of tissues and organs (especially the kidneys) rapamycin suppresses the immune system and helps prevent rejection of donor organs.

At the same time experiences on animals have shown, that this substance has very important “collateral” actions. Specifically, rapamycin significantly reduces the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and prolongs life expectancy. When rapamycin was given to mice, whose age in terms of human was 60 – 65 years, they have lived a full life at a healthy 15% longer.


Happy elderly coupleSounds good, but it does not mean that we should run to the pharmacy for pills rapamycin to slow aging.

However, there is some problem, rapamycin acts by suppressing immunity. In addition, it increases the risk of diabetes. So now scientists are working to solve an important problem: to keep useful – protective and anti-ageing properties of rapamycin and eliminate the unwanted effects. As soon as this can be achieved, it is possible to say that the real, full-featured anti-aging product is created.

Many people wonder: how much maximum can extend human life?

Scientists are trying to be very careful in this matter. Speaking of too extravagant, unimaginable numbers – 200, 300 years, it would be unrealistic and discredits the idea of extending life expectancy. Therefore, we can only talk about what has already been proven in animals and may be applicable to humans. If rapamycin extended the life of mice by 15 percent, then for people it would mean, respectively, plus 12 – 15 years, a full, healthy life. That is, start taking the “cure for old age” of 45 – 50 or even 60 years (as in mice), you can live about 100 years without severe senile diseases.


Currently, doctors prescribe drugs to treat the disease from which the patient is already suffering. But even if these drugs are taken in good faith all the same in old age will inevitably start a new disease, because when the body is aging, weakened and its protective function. Significantly more effective than another method: you need to use targeted drugs to prevent aging itself, and then be able to protect yourself from many dangerous diseases.

5 Ideas About the Prolongation of Life

What are the methods for increasing the age is now considered promising:

  • Regenerative Medicine and Cell Technologies: Growing human organs and tissues to replace those that are damaged due to disease or worn out from age.
  • Personalized medicine: in-depth diagnosis and continuous monitoring of the body (blood parameters, hormonal levels, the level of metabolism, etc.) to individually select the optimal nutrition, treatment, types of physical activity, as well as stop the disease at an early stage, and even avoid they start.
  • Restore the level of melatonin – a hormone that regulates the biological rhythms of the body, the hormonal system, controls immunity (with age melatonin decreases, and the body begins to “act up”).
  • Restricting caloric intake and the development of drugs acting on the principle of caloric restriction: when our cells receive fewer nutrients they become more purified and engaged in self-healing, thereby slowing aging.
  • Short-term stress: the short “shocking” the biological and physical effects (such as changes in temperature in the bath, with hardening) the body responds occurrence of stress resistance, which helps repair DNA damage caused by age or illness.

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