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Sleeping Problems: Sleep Apnea, and More, Insomnia Treatment

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Did you know that there is approximately thirty-three percent of the world’s population suffers from sleep problems? And about seventy million of that population comes from America? People who are sixty-five or older are common victims of sleep deprivation. However, children, teenagers, and the rest of adults are not exempted from Sleep Problems. The only difference from each person’s experience of sleep deprivation would be the reason or cause of it. Some people experience difficulty sleeping because of personal reasons such as work shifting hours, or personal worries, or they just choose to stay awake all night to watch a television show or to socialize. Some people also experience sleep deprivation because of illnesses. We all know that even a simple cold hinders us from having a good sleep at night. Another reason is the drugs that a person takes. Medication can cause sleep deprivation because some drugs cause nocturnal alertness. The sleeping environment is also a factor in this kind of problem as well as personal hobbies such as smoking or drinking coffee before going to bed.

Restore Youthful AppearanceCaffeine is one best agents of sleep deprivation. It is the most popular addicting substance that people consume from coffee, cocoa, tea, chocolate, and soft drinks. The substance of caffeine comes from the coffee bean, kola nut, cacao pod, and tea leaf. We have to admit that every time we need to work long hours at night, we treat coffee as our powerhouse. Many people are tested and witnessed as guilty of this hobby. This is simply because caffeine increases one’s alertness. It enables people to stay awake, especially at night. However, little did people know that caffeine reduces one’s motor coordination as well as causes headaches, dizziness, nervousness, and insomnia. Consuming caffeine can also cause an increase in heart rate and a constriction of blood vessels. Indeed, caffeine is one factor in why some people experience sleep problems.

Aside from the effects of caffeine on the body, there are several implications of sleep deprivation. For one is a reduction in alertness. Even though coffee helps people to stay awake and alert, insufficient sleep causes the brain to work slower. Thus, reacting and making decisions are slower than usual. It also causes a reduction of awareness of one’s surroundings. Once the brain functions slower, one’s work energy is affected as one also loses motivation and concentration. Irritability and moody temperament are also experienced by a person who lacks sleep. This person would most likely tend to fix his/her mind on a single thought rather than think about many things. Insufficient sleep also causes poor memory, poor discernment, errors by forgetting to put an “A” upon typing the word “Apple,” making errors by mistakenly choosing the wrong option, and having a short span of involuntary sleep. In addition, Sleep Problems are the basic reason for sleep deprivation.

What are these Sleep Problems that people usually experience? The most well-known problem is Insomnia. Insomnia is one disorder where a person experiences inadequate sleep because of difficulty falling asleep, having interrupted sleep, and difficulty sleeping again. Insomnia just keeps the person awake all night long every night.

The second well-known sleep disorder is Sleep Apnea. This is where a person experiences some breathing difficulty at night or upon waking up. Literally speaking, the word apnea comes from the Greek term which means “want of breath”. Apnea could be a life-endangering problem that may only start from simple snoring.

The next sleep disorder is Narcolepsy where a person experiences excessive sleepiness during the daytime even if one had adequate sleep the previous night. This type of sleepiness is not normal because it can occur at any place and time. It is irresistible and can occur repeatedly in one day or every day. Sleeping at night is also difficult for these sufferers. A patient with Narcolepsy can fall asleep all of a sudden even if he/she is doing something. One perfect example of this disorder is Melman’s role in the movie, “Madagascar”. It is not a sufficient illustration of the disorder but Melman somehow characterizes it.

Another disorder is called Restless Leg Syndrome or RLS wherein the person experiences some painful, tingling, pulling, creeping, or crawling sensation in one’s legs. This feeling can occur from thigh to ankle, to one or both legs and even in the arms. This is usually caused by a prolonged stay in a certain position. It is advised that if one feels this kind of sensation, one would move the part of one’s body wherever it occurs.

The next problem is Sleep Paralysis. A person may feel a little paralyzed during sleep. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is because of the long period of the winter season. During this season, people lack sunlight and this causes SAD. Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is a disorder where one experiences a reversed sleeping time. One sleeps in the daytime while is awake all night long. Lastly, sleepwalking or sleeptalking is not a safe disorder for people. This can cause full accidents that may endanger one’s life forever.

Anyone can suffer from any of these sleep disorders because anyone can experience any Sleep Problems. The only thing for us to know is that there are, for sure, effective methods of how to fight these problems. Getting sufficient sleep is one best solution to this issue. It is a myth that all people need to sleep for 7-9 hours. The truth is people have different sleeping periods because it changes as a person grows old. Children in primary school need to sleep for about 9-10 hours a day. This is crucial for a child’s growth. Teenage youth need to sleep 9-10 hours also, while adults need to sleep only at least eight hours a day. Additionally, our body needs enough sleep because it revitalizes best during deep sleep. Our organs and the entire body system have certain functions that can only be achieved in deep sleep. It is not true that our brain rests when we are sleeping. It functions best during sleep for it controls the whole body as the body recharges.

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