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Biological Age Test

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Find out Your Biological Age (Real Age)

Everyone would like to live a long, happy and never get sick. But the time goes by, month after month, year after year, decade after decade. And looking at myself in the mirror, we notice that the skin is not as smooth, the first wrinkles appear. Your eyes are not so bright, periodically appears nagging pain in the back, legs, arms, or neck.

And we kind of do not feel old. After all, I just something 29 years (36, 43, 58)! But why, then, there is a feeling of weakness and fatigue? On the other hand, you’ve probably seen many times as cheerful grandfather ran cross-country skiing, and grandma was involved in the race. And in this case, it does not matter whether or not they have won. The main thing is that they have the strength, the will, and pleasure of life, the desire to fight with themselves, with his disease and poor health.

What is the secret? Why do some per 30 years feel as in 70, and others in 70 – how in 30? And the answer, actually, lies on a surface. This is nothing more than a biological (real) age. Heard of it? No? Then it will be useful to know that the biological age – this is nothing more than a concept reflecting the degree of physical and morphological development of the person. That is, it turns out that usual (calendar) and biological age differ among themselves. It depends on many reasons. Among basic it is possible to allocate:

  • Heredity. The longer your close relatives live, the more chances you have to live longer and grow old in good health.
  • Lifestyle. The more correct lifestyle you lead, the longer you will live without diseases.
  • Living conditions. No one will argue that a person living in a warm comfortable house will live longer than a homeless person, even with good heredity.

Very important note: biological age is the true age of a person’s body, that is, a reflection of his real physical condition, an actual indicator of how old the body is. It is also an indicator of the rate of metabolic processes in the body.

It is believed that women age more slowly than men and live on average 6-8 years longer. This may be due to the fact that a woman finds happiness in her family and children since without them she probably would not be very happy. And a man needs fulfillment in his career, which is not easy to do today.

Are you anxious to find out your biological (bodily) age? Then take the simple tests below. There are only 6 tasks here, so it doesn’t take a lot of time and you get information for thought.

Run to Reverse Your Biological Age

Method of measurement of the biological age

1. Test for pulse rate

Measure the pulse before the performance of the exercise. Do 30 sit-ups at a rapid pace. Again, measure the pulse rate.

If it increased by:

  • 0-10 units – your biological age of 20 years;
  • 10-20 – 30 years;
  • 20-30 – 40 years;
  • 30-40 – 50.

More than 40 units or you were not able to do sit-ups until the end – you 60 years or older.

40 and above (if you have done 30 squats) – 60 or more years.

2. Test the speed of reaction

Have your helper hold a regular 50cm school measuring ruler upright. In this case, your own hand should be 10 cm below the “0” mark of the ruler. Your assistant, unexpectedly for you, should release the ruler, and you try to grab it with your index and thumb. The result is measured in centimeters:

On what centimeter have caught a ruler?

  • if you grabbed the ruler at around 20 cm – your biological age is 20 years;
  • at around 25 cm – 30 years;
  • at around 35 cm – 40 years;
  • at around 45 cm – 60.

3. Flexibility test

Bend forward (it is slightly possible to bend the legs in knees) and try by palms to touch a floor.

  • if you managed to put palms completely on a floor – your biological age is between 20 – 30 years.
  • touch the floor with your fingers – 40 years
  • get your hands to shins – 50 years
  • reach only to the knees – 60

4. Test the balancing

Close your eyes tightly and stand on your left or right foot. The other leg rises 10 cm from the floor. Start counting: one, two, three, …, twenty, twenty-one.

  • more than 30 seconds – your biological age 20 years
  • 20 – 29 seconds – 40 years
  • 15 – 19 seconds – 50
  • less than 10 seconds – 60 years and older

5. Test for the elasticity of a skin

Squeeze the skin on the back of the hand with your thumb and forefinger for 5 seconds. You will notice that the skin is slightly white as the blood vessels under the skin are blocked and blood stops circulating normally. Then release the skin and fix in how many seconds your whitened skin will return to its original appearance.

  • in 5 seconds – you are probably about 30 years old;
  • over 8 – about 40 years;
  • in 10 – about 50 years;
  • for 15 – about 60 years.

6. Test for flexibility of joints

Put your hands behind your back and try to interlink the fingers together from both hands in a “lock”

If you are:

  • easily done it – your age 20;
  • only touched your fingers – you are 30 years old;
  • If the hands only approached but did not touch – you are 40 years;
  • If you are not able to put hands behind his back and bring them closer together – you are over 60 years.

Now add up all the results and divide the sum by 6 (that is, the number of tests). This arithmetical number will be your real age. If you are unable to perform one of the tests, divide the result by 5.

Has pleased you the received number? Or it has afflicted you? In any case, it is not necessary for them to agree as with final and irreversible. Repeat the test after a while. It is likely that you will be able to get positive results and your chronological age will be higher than your biological age.

Proper diet, avoiding harmful habits and, of course, exercise, and your body will tell you to thank you!