HGH And Weight Loss

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As is well-known growth hormone (HGH) – a hormone produced by the brain. This hormone is responsible for increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing the adipose tissue, making its energy source for fat burning. And it can help weight loss.

Reduction of human growth hormone can be seen through the various signs of aging such as loss of muscle tone, decreased sleep quality, increased body fat, loss of energy and stamina, decrease in sexual energy.

HGH For Weight Loss is not something new. In fact, HGH has effectively been used for weight loss. HGH does not have the ill effects of other weight loss programs like dieting. It is a known thing that dieting often leads to malnutrition. Thus, growth hormone is the preferred way to burn the extra fat and build lean strong muscles.

How Does The Body Gain Weight?

Before understanding how HGH helps in losing weight, let us first understand how weight gain happens in the first place. The food we eat is in the form of carbohydrates. Insulin, which is released by the liver, breaks down the carbohydrate into glucose. The body uses the amount of glucose, which is required for the daily functioning of the body and stores the rest as fat. On further requirements, carbohydrates are used as the first option, before using the stored fat. Thus, if the diet is heavier than the energy required, the storing of the fat increases the body weight. In some cases, genetic disorders are also responsible for the excess storage of the fat.

How Does HGH Help Weight Loss?

weight loss controlHGH increases the amount of IGF-1 which is secreted by the liver. IGF-1 stops the insulin from using the glucose. This forces the body to seek energy from the fat reserves. As the fat burns up, the body loses weight. This is an effective way of losing weight as the body loses weight even without any physical activity. The process is also fast as fat reserves are burned, even while you are sleeping.

Another important reason why the use of growth hormone is better than others weight loss regimes is that, not only does the excess fat burn up; there is also the growth in the muscle cells. The use of growth hormone allows more muscle cells and thus you end up with a lean and strong body.

But if you add in the diet of HGH supplements, which contain amino acids and vitamins then the body begins to stimulate the production and to release your own, natural growth hormone in levels similar to the young person.

In the results of the experiments, it was established by researchers that people taking growth hormone supplements levels of IGF-1 rose to the level characteristic of young persons, muscle mass increased by 8.8 per cent, fat tissue decreased by 14.4 percent, and bone density increased by 1.6 percent.