HGH and Sexual Health

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 HGH is widely used to reduce the effects of aging on the body. Apart from the reduction of wrinkles and the maintenance of energy levels even in the older years, HGH also improves sexual performance and increases pleasure during sex. The reduction of sexual urges and the inability to perform are some of the effects of aging, sexual diseases, and lifestyle.

Reasons for the decrease in sexual function

Sex life of an elderly coupleIt should be noted that the decline in the level of HGH can cause problems that are closely related to HGH, but they are a direct manifestation of a disruption of other responsible bodies. For example, decreased sexual desire reduces the quality (i.e., hardness and size) of the erection of the penis, which leads to a reduction of blood flow in the penis area. Similarly, the decline in HGH and the consequent decrease in sexual desire may cause a decrease in sperm production, which in turn will lead to a sharp decline in the quality and duration of orgasms. Thus, a decrease in growth hormone levels may make you begin to solve the problem of improving the quality of blood flow in the penis or increasing sperm production.

Growth hormone and male sexuality

Reduced male potency occurs simultaneously with a decrease in the production of growth hormone and testosterone in the body. At puberty, when the production of growth hormone and testosterone reaches its peak, the teenager is in an almost constant state of arousal. When a teenager becomes an adult, the time between his erections already reduced. At this time he is usually able to have sex every day and maybe even several times a day. By the age of forty, this frequency may be reduced to two or three times a week, and at sixty – for once a week or less. At the same time an increasing number of cases of impotence. Any study of male sexual function demonstrates its decline with age.

Is the simultaneous decline of growth hormone, testosterone, and sexual function coincidence, or between these phenomena there is a causal connection? In the first clinical analysis of the impact of growth hormone replacement on 202 people, 172 of whom were men, conducted by researchers, the full three-quarters of the participants said about increasing sex drive, potency, and frequency of sexual intercourse. And 62 percent of men reported that the retention time of erection in them increased. Since the vast majority receiving growth hormone therapy report greater sexual appetite and potency, there is every reason to believe that growth hormone plays a central role in sexual health.

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Growth hormone and female sexuality

Women do not experience the decline in sexual function, comparable to the male. A healthy woman can have an orgasm and in old age. But many factors associated with aging may affect the sexual satisfaction of women. Around the age of 45, with a decrease in estrogen production situation is further exacerbated by menopausal – women tend to experience dryness and vaginal atrophy.

But the most powerful impact comes from the growth hormone, which can revive libido and strength of orgasm, such that a woman has experienced in his youth. Women receiving growth hormone therapy have reported increased libido, enhancing pleasure during sex, as well as multiple orgasms, equivalent to enhance male potency.

Certainly, to some extent increase sexuality in women is caused by their increased self-esteem: they consider themselves more attractive with smooth skin and a good figure. There is nothing that lifts the mood of love, be it male or female, as a magnificent appearance. And the increased sexual activity for both women and men will have a rejuvenating effect on the pituitary gland. Additional benefit growth hormone brings relieve menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms.

Sexual rejuvenation

Documented that growth hormone prevents a senile decrease in heart, liver, spleen and other vital organs. Now it turns out that this increases the function of the genitals. After the age of forty years, a man’s penis and the female clitoris begin to decrease. But many patients have reported that due to the action of growth hormone penis returns the size as it was in their youth. The same happens with the clitoris in women.GenF20 Plus HGH Releaser for a better sex life

Along with the increase in the size of genitals comes an improvement in sexual function. How to insist on those who take growth hormone their sexual power has increased significantly. Men reported that the age decline in sexual function is reversed and returned to the levels corresponding to 20-30 years of age.

Just as sports training increases lean muscle and improves the physical condition of your body, regular sex increases female libido and male potency. If you have some problems in love relationships, try the GenF20 HGH Releaser. This dietary supplement can help you regain growth hormone levels as they did when you were young. GenF20 will not only help you increase physical stamina and energy, but it can also help to intensify sex drive and performance.

Restoring sexual energy

The growth hormone reverses the age-related decline of sexual energy and function. And he does it at all levels of the organization of the body – from cells to organs and whole systems. At the cellular level, it improves protein synthesis and cell division, which is associated with the recovery of body organs. At the level of muscle tissue acts anabolic effect retention of nitrogen, which helps build muscle mass.

At a hormonal level, there is a direct relationship between hormones and pituitary hormones, genitals, ovaries and testes. For many men, the use of growth hormones is enough to bring back to normal levels of testosterone.

HGH is thus safely used by both genders to experience a satisfying sex life. Being old is now no longer a reason to bring your sex life to a halt.


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