How to Look Younger

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Look Younger Than Their Age

Many people are concerned about premature ageing and want to look younger and live as long as possible. Men and women want to have a young and fresh look of the face, slender, athletic figure. Really attractive, neat appearance of a person is important. If you look good, you feel confident and vice versa.

Look younger than their age

Modern anti-aging industry offers a variety of effective products to slow aging. But do not forget that first and foremost the right lifestyle, healthy habits, a balanced diet, regular exercise can really help you look younger naturally.

Here are some guidelines to help you look younger than their years.

Regular Exercise

Make exercise part of your daily lifestyle. The exercises improve blood circulation and thus increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen to your skin. This aids in the production of collagen promotes the growth of new cells. Your skin is refreshed and becomes more radiant.

Exercise improves your overall health, helps reduce stress, and normalize the function of the cardiovascular system, improve blood flow to the brain, improve metabolism.

Also, exercise helps you sleep better, and therefore naturally increase the production of your own HGH (or human growth hormones). The greatest amount of growth hormone produced during sleep.

The right combination of anaerobic and aerobic exercise will help you increase your muscle mass, get rid of ugly fat and remove toxins from the body. The best option – running, walking, swimming, cycling is the key to good health, vitality, and health.

At a time when you get older fitness improves overall health, protects the heart from problems, helps you feel and look much younger.

Managing Your Stress

Everyone has stress in their lives. Most people do not realize how harmful stress to the body. Studies have shown that mental stress increases the speed of the aging process.

Chronic stress increases blood pressure, memory and weakens the immune system, violates sex life, premature aging brain. Stress also triggers diseases such as diabetes, asthma, ulcers, hypertension, atherosclerosis and obesity, stroke and heart attack.

It is important to learn to manage this process. Rest, good sleep, exercise, yoga workouts, deep breath, and meditation can reduce stress, increase the percentage of oxygen in the blood and improve blood flow velocity, as well as improve energy levels.

Follow a Healthy Diet

To slow down or delay the aging process and feel young, you need to keep a balanced diet, in which the main products are fruits and vegetables. Limit intake of red meat, stick to seafood. Do not eat white bread, preferably whole grain products.

Vegetables and fruits provide the body with vitamins, minerals, and vital antioxidants. Antioxidants remove toxins from the body and fight free radicals, which are a contributing factor to the emergence of age-related diseases. A healthy diet will help to feel and look young and gives a lot of energy.

Drink Lots of Water

A person is known to consist of 80% water. Water regulates many processes in the body, is involved in metabolism and removes toxins. The disadvantage of liquid leads to the loss of skin elasticity.

Drink about two to three liters of water a day to improve cell renewal and structural condition of the skin, as well as to maintain normal body functions as a whole. Especially effective consumption thawed structured water containing the required amount of trace elements and minerals.

If you want to look young and be full of energy, then drink the melted water, which has unique properties. Meltwater has an amazing ability to accelerate biological processes, restore the body’s cells and thereby rejuvenate it.

Get structured water easily at home from melted ice in accordance with certain rules.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is vital for the proper functioning of your body. Sleep is substantially free remedy to repair and restore the body.

Found that in the period of 6-8 hours of sleep a night in the body begins to occur many recovery processes. The body produces more growth hormones that retain the skin elastic and resilient and prevent the formation of wrinkles

Go to bed at least an hour before midnight if you want to look younger naturally. Such sleep beneficial effect on the preservation of your health youthful condition.

Lack of sleep raises blood pressure, lowers immunity, reduces mental function, contributes to the formation of eye bags, puffiness as well as premature aging skin.

Enjoy Sex On a Regular Basis

Healthy Ways to Look and Feel YoungerAccording to British researchers, active sex life contributes to increasing life expectancy. Sex in old age helps to look younger and may be the key to the maintenance and preservation of youth.

In accordance with the conclusions of researchers to have sex at least three times, a week can make you look 10 years younger. This is due to the fact that during sex releases endorphins, which are natural analgesics and a sort of ” happiness hormones “.

If you experience orgasm during intercourse, you get all the benefits of the hormone oxytocin. According to research, the risk of death is reduced by fifty percent for those who regularly have an orgasm. It also helps men reduce their risk of prostate cancer. In addition, studies have shown that partners in happy relationships tend to live longer.

When people have sex regularly are in a better mood, more energy, stronger, more productive at work, eat better and exercise more, they are just happier.

Lose Weight

You can look a few years younger, if you get rid of excess weight. Overweight acts as an additional load on the spine and internal organs, which increases the risk of a large number of commodities.

Get rid of excess weight, and you’ll not only look much younger but also feel a lot better. Every extra 5 kg visually adds about 5 years of age, so that, dropping 10 kg, you can look younger by 10 years.

Wear Sunscreen

Slight suntan gives the skin a healthy and radiant look. But do not get carried away, because excessive sun exposure causes premature skin aging: loss of elasticity, sagging, wrinkles, age spots. Also raises the risk for skin cancer.

Use sunscreen to reduce the risk of all types of skin cancer, including the most dangerous – melanoma. It also helps to slow down the aging process of the skin by four and a half years. It is necessary to use special creams with a high degree of protection. Apply sunscreen before heading to the beach, and after sun moisturizer.

Moderate Consumption of Red Wine

Moderate consumption of wine reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. According to researchers, the life expectancy of men who consume wine is five years longer than those who do not drink alcoholic beverages. Red wine contains antioxidants that can increase longevity and reduce stress.

Limit Alcohol Intake

Do not drink too much alcohol. Alcohol causes wrinkles because your face swells up the next morning after drinking, and for some time the skin is stretched. This swelling of the face and the subsequent reduction of facial skin may contribute to the formation of wrinkles.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke, you always look older. You have yellow teeth and nails. Smoking also reduces the tone of the small blood vessels under the skin, which increases the formation of wrinkles due to oxygen deficiency.