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Homemade Honey Face Masks Recipes For Every Skin Problems

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The use of honey in cosmetics is known since ancient times, as this product has strong antioxidant properties and is an excellent source of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These substances reduce inflammation and promote the regeneration of cells, which help keep the skin young.

From history, it is known that the famous beauty, the queen of ancient Egypt, Cleopatra, applied a honey mask to her face every morning and took baths with milk and honey to keep your skin smooth, healthy and young.

The Popularity of Home Remedies

Honey occupies an honorable place in the line of skin care products. This sweet product is in demand because it has unique properties and is suitable for use almost on any skin. A face mask with honey is a popular self-made cosmetic tool.

Currently, more and more women prefer home care in front of the salon. This is reasonable and understandable because folk remedies have long established themselves as natural and effective. Unlike salon procedures, home remedies do not require much time and money.

The Benefits of Honey For the Skin

Even manufacturers of modern cosmetics are widely used honey as an ingredient in products for skin care. And this is not surprising. Honey face masks have a number of useful properties that are not able to give other products. After all, one of the main features of honey as a cosmetic product is the ability to nourish the skin with moisture and hold it there. And this, in turn, helps to fight wrinkles on the face and achieve healthy, glowing skin and rejuvenating effect.

Raw honey is very useful for slowing down skin aging due to antioxidants that nourish and preserve skin cells. In addition to the antioxidant rejuvenating properties of honey, it is useful when used as a protection against ultraviolet rays, which cause photo-aging of human skin. Also honey has strong antibacterial properties, which makes it indispensable in the care of problem skin. Therefore, it is excellent for the treatment and prevention of acne.

There are many recipes for homemade honey face masks that have cleansing, moisturizing, rejuvenating and bactericidal effects. Here are some of them that are time-tested and really work.

Homemade Honey Face Masks Recipes

All masks should be applied to well-cleansed of impurities and makeup person. On the eye area and mouth mask is not applied. It is best to apply the mask with a brush – so you avoid the risk of stretching of the skin due to incorrect application of the mask. Apply these masks 1-2 times a week.

Honey-Lemon Face Mask

Lemon juice is considered to be one of the most effective products for improving the skin of the face. It is indispensable for oily skin, makes it matte and tightens pores. When the skin is prone to acne, lemon struggles with inflammation and signs of acne. Lemon is even used to remove freckles and skin pigmentation.

But by itself, lemon dries the skin too much. Therefore, it is most often used in combination with other ingredients, in particular with honey. Lemon juice and honey and taken in equal proportions – two tablespoons of each product. If your goal is to whiten your skin, then honey is added in a cold state. But if you need a mask for oily skin, then pre-heat the honey a little in a water bath. Keep the mask on the face for no more than 15 minutes. Its use is possible no more often, once in 3 weeks.

Honey Face MaskAnti-Wrinkle Sour Cream & Honey Face Mask

Mask of honey and sour cream is very easy to make, as the ingredients are in each refrigerator. Sour cream is good for the skin as it helps fight wrinkles. This product contains vitamins A, B, C, as well as phosphorus and calcium. Like honey, it supplies cells with essential trace elements and makes the skin velvety and moisturized. To prepare such a mask, take only high-quality fresh sour cream. Mix one spoon of each ingredient and apply on face.
Important! This remedy is effective only for dry skin. When used on oily skin, there is a chance of clogging the pores.

Honey Cinnamon Face Mask

Cinnamon stimulates blood circulation better nourishing the skin and reduces the inflammatory process. Therefore, honey face mask with the addition of cinnamon has a rejuvenating effect and reduces fine lines. Its use also helps to nourish the skin and eliminate acne. To prepare such remedy, you should dissolve a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in a tablespoon of honey and apply on face. It is necessary to remove the mask after 20 minutes. The procedure is recommended to repeat twice a week.

Honey-Soda Face Mask

The mask with honey and soda is an excellent alternative to salon procedures for deep cleansing of the skin. Soda has an anti-inflammatory effect, eliminates bacteria and normalizes water balance. Such masks with soda are recommended for owners of oily and problem skin, as well as for dull complexion. Be careful if you have sensitive and dry skin, as a soda can cause flaking and red spots. Three teaspoons of baking soda must be dissolved in half a glass of water. Then add liquid honey and mix until a homogeneous consistency. Mask must be washed off after 10 -15 minutes after application.

Aloe and Honey Facial Mask

Honey and aloe are effective in combating skin imperfections. Aloe has a more pronounced action against acne than honey. Therefore, the combination of two products helps to achieve a pronounced anti-inflammatory result. The mask is created easily. You must select a large sheet of aloe and cut it in half. Then cut the core and grind to a state of gruel. Two tablespoons of the obtained funds should be combined with one spoon of honey and kept on the face for 15-20 minutes. The procedure should be carried out as necessary, there are no special restrictions.

Herbal Honey Facial Mask

For this mask, you first need to get a vitamin paste of herbs. To do this, use one or more herbs – nettle, chamomile, arnica, dandelion leaves, mint, sage, plantain. Then well knead them in a mortar with a small amount of boiled water. If you are using dried herbs, you should just pour a small amount of boiling water and, after cooling to take the right amount received herbal gruel. This gruel should be mixed with the same amount of honey and then apply on the face for 15 minutes. Such vitamin mask recommended for all skin types.

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