Yoga to Preserve Youth and Beauty

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Yoga is an ancient doctrine, and was created to cleanse and strengthen the body, as well as finding inner peace and balance. Yoga is a specific way of life that helps to find harmony and perfect physical health, preserve youth and beauty.

Any old are you 7 or 70, you are healthy or sick – yoga can be practiced absolutely everyone. The uniqueness of the system of yoga is that it is universal and suitable for everyone.

Yoga to Preserve Youth and BeautyYoga helps to rejuvenate

Instead of relying on cosmetic surgery or expensive products for skin care, some people are turning to yoga to rejuvenate, to increase its beauty and vitality. Refined and at the same time vigorous exercise in a particular sequence aimed at focusing on the mind-body connection, but now, some types of yoga have gone beyond the original purpose of spiritual meditation. In fact, you will find that preserve youth and beauty with the help of yoga is quite simple.

Health Benefits

Basically yoga classes include stretching and gentle body movements that can significantly improve your flexibility and align the spine. When practiced regularly, you can also benefit for overall health. For example, the regular practice can help you lose weight – yoga for weight loss helps to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as improve circulation and breathing. When your body is healthy, the mind also becomes clear, so many yoga practitioners notice a decrease in stress levels and a positive outlook on life. Rejuvenation through yoga significantly reduces the risk of depression, obesity, heart disease, chronic fatigue and anxiety.

Yoga helps the body to preserve youth and beauty

When combined with regular cardiovascular exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet, yoga can help you lose weight. Constant movement during exercise also improves blood circulation, which allows nutrients to flow freely into the cells of the body and remove toxins. During this exchange, skin, nails, eyes, and hair become healthier and brighter.

– Eliminates the disease and at the same time calms the nerves, restores emotional balance
-Cleans consciousness and increases resistance to stress, performance, relieves chronic fatigue syndrome and helps to restore energy balance.
– Plus everything yoga has a strong cosmetic effect: the face and the body gets rid of sagging and swelling through asanas and proper breathing.
-Yoga helps to lose weight
– And others. Several specific features and benefits

Yoga Plow Pose - Halasana

Pose "Dog muzzle down"Yoga Poses & Asanas

What are the asanas in yoga – this is the perfect type of exercise, which when used to correctly give the body physical perfection and develop resistance to disease. They form a harmonious work of all internal systems.

Yoga poses are based on bringing all parts of the body in the uncharacteristic position. In this position, the skin is tightened and regular exercises can smooth out wrinkles, and the skin becomes firmer. Basic Inverted postures called “Dog muzzle down” and “Forward Bend”. More advanced is the Inverted posture, which is called “Plow Pose – Halasana” – includes a stand on the shoulders, arms and head.

Pranayama Exercises

Respiratory same exercises (pranayama), in conjunction with asanas withstood centuries of the test of time and to this day are considered to be a better and more complete system recovery. As the saying goes, it is better and you can imagine!

Pranayama is a series of breathing exercises designed to ensure a healthy flow of oxygen to the lungs and excrete unhealthy carbon dioxide from the body. When the body is filled with fresh oxygen, improves blood circulation, helping to increase energy levels and overall beauty. The main exercise of pranayama prescribes close the left nostril with the index and middle finger of the right hand, breathing in through the right this time. Then, using the thumb of his right hand, closed the right nostril and exhale through the left nostril. The procedure is repeated three times. There are other exercises pranayama breathing delay and cleaning.

What are the benefits?

It is obvious that the benefits of yoga are great for preserving youth and beauty, as the emphasis it placed on the preservation of internal balance. After all, long been proven that the external causes of aging are primarily caused by anxiety, fear, anxiety and endless experiences.

Doing yoga dervishes at least 10 minutes a day, you can become a healthy, happy person, living in peace and harmony with each other, not forgetting that the exercises need not only our body but also the soul.

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