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Feeling Younger Could Help You Live Longer and Healthier

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Feel better and younger, a desire of living a great long and healthy life – is not it the dream of all the elderly?  And all this – no magic elixir miracle expensive drugs and anti-aging cosmetic surgery. To feel vigorous and healthy at any age, you need to actually be quite different. It is well known that older people feeling younger than their actual age may actually be living longer.

Do not be discouraged

Beautiful smiling woman in redTo cease to feel your biological age is a very important positive emotional state. A new study by psychologists has shown that feeling younger and looking better protects against the negative effects of stress. Statistics only confirm these words: among the oldest – the majority of optimists believe in a bright future and do not get upset over anything.

Practice yoga regularly

Do yoga exercises every day if you want to improve your health to stay looking and feeling as young as possible for as long as possible. Yoga is particularly effective for anti-aging, as the doctors say because many of the poses require balancing, which stimulates blood circulation in the brain. Doctors recommend yoga to anyone who wants to keep a memory for a long time, energy, or just healthy aging in general.

Take supplements of fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA in fish oil are one of the best ways to stop all kinds of physical and mental decline and deterioration. Experts believe that these supplements prevent aging at the cellular level. You need 3 grams per day of fish oil. One recent study found that omega-3 fatty acid fish oil prevents DNA from damage. Consumer Reports tests show that supplements do not contain significant amounts of mercury – the danger of the fish itself.

Take natural anti-aging supplements

In addition to the main diet, use high-quality anti-aging supplements with natural ingredients to improve skin conditions and support overall health. Such dietary supplements from leading brands can help alleviate age-related problems and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Based on cutting-edge science in longevity, GenF20 Liposomal NMN+ is designed to naturally increase NAD+ levels in the body to start feeling younger and more energized. This supplement can help you reduce factors associated with aging and optimize lifespan by promoting mitochondrial health and supporting DNA repair.

Do the exercises with weight lifting

Strength training “builds” strong muscles – one of the best ways to prevent weight gain in the later stages of life. Studies suggest that an increase in muscle mass will burn fat, the easier the weight reduction – no reduction in calories. It is also a key way to prevent osteoporosis. Studies suggest that resistance training actually stimulates bone remineralization.

Exercise and physical fitness

Regular physical and mental exercise can help you extend your life. The simple exercises in the morning will help to fill your body with the necessary vitality for the whole day. Regularly visit the swimming pool and fitness club. Only two classes per week will be enough to soon not only result in a good physical shape body but also to “rejuvenate” the soul. Just do not forget that after 50 years, all of the exercises are best done under the supervision of an instructor as an excessive load may have a negative impact on health.

Check the thyroid glandFeel more energetic

Check the thyroid gland which regulates the metabolism of the entire system in the body. Therefore, when the thyroid gland starts to malfunction, the result can be weight gain, loss of energy and libido, and depression. The most common test uses TSH analysis, but if your results are normal, you can also request a T4 test, which some experts believe is more sensitive and accurate.

Reduce the consumption of alcohol

This is the reason that drinkers look much older than they really are: alcohol is classified as a neurotoxin, and it has an effect on oxidative tissues of the body, damaging cells. Over time, excessive alcohol consumption causes weight gain and loss of memory, increases the risk of developing diabetes, and leads to rosacea, and broken capillaries of the skin. It also gives a swollen appearance to the face. Men should limit themselves to using no more than two drinks a day, women can drink one drink or less. One drink is classified as 150 ml – much less than the typical wine glass.

Good night’s sleep

Good healthy sleep is an important factor in increasing longevity. Sleep is not only rest. During sleep, there are restorative processes in the organs and tissues of the body. If you are faced with total mental and physical sluggishness and do not understand why this happens, it is likely that you have a sleep disorder and you do not know about it, experts say.

Many problems with sleep, including sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding, as well as other problems with breathing and swallowing, may prevent you from entering into a deep, regenerative phase of REM sleep. The sleep specialist can determine the reasons that cause sleep problems. Treatment of the underlying cause may allow you to re-experience the regenerative properties of deep sleep.

Eat properly

Eat properlyAfter 40 years, try to eat a healthy diet so that feeling younger than your age becomes familiar to you.  A few simple rules, developed by nutritionists, must be present in your life. Start each day with a glass of warm water with lemon. At breakfast, try to include grains, nuts, and fresh fruit, especially citrus and kiwi fruit. They are rich in vitamin C, which Estheticians have long dubbed the “vitamin of youth and beauty.”

For lunch and dinner, let yourself meat or poultry. Do not forget the spices. Sage, ginger, thyme, and rosemary have excellent antibacterial and antifungal activity that does not give your body to grow old and maintain vitality.

Chat with your friends

Beautiful women have fun talkingAccording to psychologists, sociable people don’t only look better, but also live longer than their peers unsociable. Therefore, try as much as possible to communicate with friends: walk in the fresh air, go to the movies, and theater, and visit exhibitions and museums. Now you just need to frequently change the situation.

Find yourself a new hobby and like-minded people – so you can keep longer youth and beauty. It is desirable that your friends were a little younger than you. You’ll see, you’ll feel completely comfortable in their circle.

Just Dance

According to scientists from France, one of the best ways to live longer is to love dancing. And, as they found out, the most useful dance for longevity is salsa. It strengthens the muscles, and lungs, stimulates the circulatory system, and helps to cope with asthma. Also, any other active and fun dance will do. The main thing is to move and be in high spirits.

People who feel young, live longer

During the study, researchers monitored the state of physical and mental health of participants for eight years. And here’s the result: feeling younger than your age can be good for your health, and older people who feel young live longer and prosper. Over this period, among those who felt younger than 3 years or more of their chronological age, died only 14% of people were. But among those who felt old, every third passed away.

It is important to remember that those who want to truly increase their life expectancy and feel young for longer must take care of their health on an ongoing basis. You must adhere to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and follow the recommendations of doctors.  A favorable environment and a friendly social circle, and young friends – it is also necessary and important conditions for a long and happy life.

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