How to Keep Your Brain Young?

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Even if you eat extremely useful and environmentally friendly products, but in a very limited range, the effect will be the opposite – accelerated aging of the brain. Simply put, if in a few months your diet consists of leafy salads and yogurt or buckwheat with butter, it’s very quickly lead to a decrease in memory and quick thinking.

Keep Your Brain YoungAlso harmful to neurons food, saturated fat, and trans-fats. Hence, by the way, and went to the well-known statement, they say, people who meet regularly in fast foods, do not shine intelligence.

Have to be careful and with sweets. On the one hand, glucose is the fuel for the brain. On the other – cakes, cookies and donuts often contain generous doses of trans fats. If you want to feed the brain, better eat a slice of natural dark chocolate or a couple of tablespoons of honey (or fruit and berry jam without preservatives).

In addition, scientists say, our brain is not too demanding. The main requirement, that the diet contains vitamins B, C, D, and E, and Omega-3. And the daily diet at least a quarter should consist of fruits and vegetables. But the consumption of meat, especially red, according to recent studies, is better limit to at least two times a week. His enzymes reduce the activity of the brain.

By the way, our diet is not only reflected in the metabolic processes, but also in the volume of the brain. In humans, eating properly and varied, the brain may be in the amount of 20% more than the one who eats horribly, tells BBC Health.

Also, to stay young mentally and keep your brain young in your diet should be glucides – slow carbohydrates (their sources – beans, bananas, pasta from durum wheat, whole grain bread) and phosphorus (ie, fish and seafood) and calcium (cheese and milk).

Do not forget about the so-called nootropics additives that improve brain function and mental activity. The problem is that most people do not receive a sufficient amount of essential nutrients from their diet. These brain enhancement supplements provide the body with those nutrients that are needed to improve memory and increase cognitive skills to optimize mental performance.

6 simple exercises to train your mind

As mentioned, for feeding the brain a sufficiently small set of nutrients. However, there are special exercises for the development of brain activity. This set of simple exercises actually serve as prevention of brain aging in general and Alzheimer’s disease in particular.

1. “Blind.” From time to time to perform routine actions with his eyes closed. For example, to disassemble some items on the table, eating, brushing teeth, or move around the apartment. It is a well-coached memory and just fun.

2. Change the orientation. In the sense that the right-handed become left-handed for a while, and left-handers become right-handed. And at the same time to perform normal household activities. For Eg dial a phone number that is not your “lead” hand, switch the TV remote, ironed linen (only with driving vehicles and cutting meat to play it safe). This strengthens the neural connections between the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

3. Use the element of novelty. After all, we do a lot of things automatically. The brain is simply not something to work, so he withers. Try at least to do daily chores in a different order (but the teeth should be cleaned yet before breakfast!).

4. Play an analytical game. Such as chess or computer games, does not matter). It is proved that, for example, players-chess fans, suffer diseases associated with reduced memory and intelligence several times less likely than those who do not play such games. This applies to both men and women.

Crossword Puzzles5. Drawing. Try to draw a variety of images in ways that you prefer and like. When we transfer the visual image on paper, our mental cells just sing for joy! This helps to successfully relieve internal stress and therefore has a positive effect on the brain. And this is an important advantage.

6. Crossword puzzles. So, doing crossword puzzles well-coached and improves memory, expands horizons, promote the development of intelligence, thinking, allows to acquire knowledge, to memorize words in a playful way, acts as a sedative, can be used for testing, teaching to work with directories and dictionaries allows you to spend time. Also, it is a great way of training of mental activity and it will increase your erudition.

7. Aerobic exercise. Exercise regularly, pay special attention to aerobic exercise. The researchers found that regular aerobic exercise has a positive effect on the cognitive functions of the brain and can reduce its “age”. And this is true for both older people and young people aged 20 years.

Additional Recommendations How to Keep Your Brain Young

But the excess use of common salt is certainly not for the benefit of vessels – this leads to fluid retention in the tissues and blood vessel spasms. We must strive to eat a day not more than half a teaspoon of salt (it will be about three grams).

However, with hypotension, if the blood pressure has dropped, you can drink a glass of saltwater (a teaspoon of salt in a glass). Blood pressure will be higher. But it is only as a single method of emergency assistance if nothing else at hand.

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