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Recommended Foods for 40 Year Old Person

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According to the researchers, many people are under the age of forty years are experiencing the peak of intellectual effort (to build a career, you need to always be on our toes and all the time and stay in the trend). However, in this age of brain cells do not regenerate as quickly as 20-year-olds.

This period in women increases the risk of getting hormonal disorders that lead to problems with the thyroid gland, the appearance of fibroids, and mastitis.

Men in this age group must perform prevention of cardiovascular problems,  ie start to monitor their health, and especially control cholesterol and blood sugar.

As for appearance, then, of course, it is not necessary to use special complexes “for aging skin”, and not to use anti-aging products with lifting effect since they apparently tighten the skin, but in the long run, weaken its elasticity.

The main thing is around the age of 40 years is to fight with aggressive environmental factors. It is necessary to maintain the water-salt balance of the body, take care of the hydration of the skin of the face and body to maintain normal metabolism and charge the body with energy. Additionally, you must consume foods that can support the normal functioning of the brain.

Recommended Healthy Foods for 40-Year-Old Woman

Healthy Foods for 40 Year Old Woman– Vitamin A (cod liver oil, halibut liver, beef, egg yolk, butter, vegetable oil, enriched with vitamins), B6 (soybean sprouts, asparagus, brown rice, peas), C (bell pepper, citrus, cranberries, sauerkraut, kiwi) and bioflavonoids (garlic, ginger). These vitamins improve the immune system of the woman in conditions of stress and greater emotional overload.

– Vitamin D helps calcium absorption in the body.

– Magnesium protects against heart disease, diabetes, and colon cancer. Magnesium is found in foods such as beans, asparagus, rabbit, and turkey.

– Vitamin K (spinach, pumpkin, green peas, arugula, and other green salads) is necessary for bone health.

– Those who use the diet for weight loss and restricts themselves to proteins and fats, should eat foods with vitamins B6 and iron (buckwheat, beef liver, green apples).

– There are also vitamins that support women’s sexual function. These vitamins can help women who suffer from weakening of libido and loss of sexual desire. To stimulate the production of female sex hormones – estrogen – Need vitamin E (vegetable oils, germinated cereals, beans), vitamin K (spinach, squash, peas, beef liver, egg yolk), and folic acid that is a vitamin B (parsley, cauliflower, and cabbage).

– The body of a 40-year-old woman requires a lot of iron since its level falls after the “critical days”, that occur at this age due to hormonal problems and can be very intense. Low levels of iron lead to a decline in energy, lethargy, and pale appearance of the skin.

Recommended Healthy Foods for 40 Year Old Man

Healthy Foods for 40 Year Old ManAntioxidant vitamins (vitamins A, C, and E) protect the male body from the harmful effects of the environment and slow down the aging process.

B vitamins (B6, B12, and folic acid) helps the development of homocysteine. This amino acid has an effect on the vascular system and is necessary for the prevention of heart attacks.

The combination of zinc (seafood, lamb, pumpkin, porcini mushrooms) and retinol (vitamin A) increases men’s immunity, improves sperm production, and helps maintain potency.

How to support the activity of the brain?

In chronic fatigue and stress often decreases the level of blood sugar (new fashionable disease of 35-40-year-old residents of megacities – hypoglycemia).

When the blood sugar level is too low, the brain cells and nerve endings do not get enough energy. So they switch to the “economy mode”, causing nervousness and weakness. The best way to increase blood sugar concentration is the consumption of B vitamins in combination with trace element chromium. You can get them from untreated wheat grains, unprocessed rice, vegetables rich in fiber.

Stress, poor environment, lack of fresh air leads to an insufficient supply of brain cells of glucose, making them lethargic and lazy. To refresh your memory needs Vitamin B4 or Choline (sprouted wheat, rice, oatmeal, green leafy vegetables, spinach, soybeans, cabbage, beans), as well as vitamin B8 or inositol (brewer’s yeast, bran, sesame oil, beef brains, kidneys, liver, and heart).

Cognitive brain function may improve certain types of phytoestrogens called lignans – sesame, linseed oil, broccoli, strawberries, and peaches. In addition, isoflavones – is primarily soybeans. Also important for brain vitamin B12 and folic acid.

The Five Most Useful Foods for Those Who are Around 40 Years of Age

These healthy food products should be included in your diet for both men and women, to reduce the risk of cancer, “rejuvenate” the vessels and strengthen bones.Healthiest foods

1. In the first place – cherry tomatoes. In this variety of tomato contains a large amount of the pigment lycopene, which protects the body from oxidative processes. Scientific evidence shows that lycopene helps the body defend itself against breast cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, and heart disease.

2. Flax oil with its polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, and linolenic acid, which feeds and rejuvenates the cells of internal organs. It is better than other vegetable oils results in reduced levels of “bad” cholesterol. Suffice it to add a teaspoon of this oil in food per day. However, remember that it quickly oxidizes and cannot tolerate sunlight.

3. Cabbage (cabbage, broccoli, savoy). Contains useful protein lutein, vitamin C, calcium and vitamin C. Eat cabbage, at least, three times a week, it will help preserve vision, boost immunity and bone, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

4. Dairy products. To reduce the risk of diabetes, improved elasticity of muscle tissue and inhibition of aging should be included in the diet yogurt, preferably from sheep milk. It is rich in protein and contains almost no sugar.

5. Walnuts. Enzymes contained in these nuts increase the level of protection of the body from cancer. For those who are over 40, it is recommended to eat every day two or three nuts.

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