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Five Sports That Help Rejuvenate Your Body

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Sports exercises

Recent research scientists have shown how endurance exercises help rejuvenate your body, prolong youth, and even able to smooth wrinkles. A healthy lifestyle combined with regular exercise has been shown to increase levels of the very important coenzyme NAD+ in the body.

The experts also told what sport should not be abused, not to accelerate the approach of old age. While many dreams of a tablet that will prolong youth lying on the couch or sitting at a computer, scientists revealed the results of recent research: to extend healthy longevity really now – with the right exercise.

Canadian researchers conducted experiments on mice. The first half of the mice lived in a cage, which set the mouse wheel so that they ran 45 minutes three times a week. The remaining mice received no such exercise. After 8 months, scientists summarized and compared the results. Those mice that regularly ran in the wheel are in good health. They had a shiny coats without gray hair, well-developed muscles, healthy hearts, and a brain full, normal reproductive function. Conversely, those mice that lived in a state of rest without loads had the worst health status: the wool was gray with bald spots, flabby muscles, brain volume decreased, shriveled genitals, and had all the signs of old age.

Subsequent experiments were carried out on volunteers aged 65 and older – pre-scientists took samples of their skin from the buttocks. This is important for reasons of clarity. As explained by experts, in this place, our skin is not exposed to the sun and other environmental hazards. These people were assigned a simple exercise program: jogging or cycling twice a week for three months.

After 60 – as in 40

Having studied under the microscope skin samples taken at the end of the experiment, the scientists were surprised. The epidermis is the uppermost stratum corneum, which usually thickens with age, dry and flaky became thinner, with elasticity and hydration. A lower layer is the dermis, which thins with aging, causing laxity and sagging skin after regular exercise, on the contrary, thickens. According to the researchers, without any exaggeration, the samples looked as if taken from 40-year-olds, but not those who are over 60.

Why and how was rejuvenated, is not yet completely clear. Experts suggest that this occurred as a result of exposure to cytokines – substances that are released into the blood when the loads on the muscles during exercise. Level one of the cytokines – IL-15 – from the volunteers at the end of the experiment was 50% higher than before the experiment. But we should not delude ourselves that the same effect as after training, can achieve with the help of pills or injections of a cytokine, scientists say. During physical stress occurs many other reactions that operate in the complex.

Important – How not to overdo it with the load

If you’re going to go to a fitness club, do not neglect the advice of a professional trainer, experts advise. Often, as a bonus before training is offered one or more pieces of free advice. Be sure to ask if it is not provided in your club. A personal approach to determining the optimal load will not only achieve the desired results but also reduce the risk of injury.

Medical experts in sports medicine say that one of the most important indicators of health – is the pulse. During physical exertion, he should not rise by more than 70% compared to your usual average heart rate at rest (the figure for all individuals ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute).

You also need to pay attention to:

  • Skin color: that it does not become too red, or, conversely, very pale;
  • The frequency of breathing – do not exercise to the point of starting to choke;
  • Dizziness, seizures, weakness, blackout – the appearance of these signs of an urgent need to stop, rest, and desirable to see a doctor.

Brisk walking and youthfulness of your heart

Middle-aged woman walking fast

The resource life of the human heart is the period when it can fully operate without medical intervention – not less than 100 years – as claimed by cardiologists. – To keep the youth of our cardiovascular system best help brisk walking.

This exercise is useful for everyone without exception. Besides preventing heart attacks, brisk walking also lowers the risk of stroke, which can cause death or lead to disability and disability.

When we walk at an intense pace, the blood moves on vessels more actively, without allowing it to accumulate on their walls into harmful fatty deposits. It helps to be saved from atherosclerosis. Also, fast walking trains our vessels and keeps them in a tone, slowing down aging.

Accustom themselves to walking daily for 30 – 40 minutes and it will be one of the most significant contributions to the preservation of youth and rejuvenation of the body.

From the perspective of anti-aging medicine after 40 years are particularly useful for cardio: swimming, cycling, skiing, and skating. The French, known for their longevity, even tradition has developed: on weekends they are selected for the massively exciting cardio – cycling.

But what about running?

Middle-aged woman joggingRunning and especially regular jogging is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, train the body, and strengthen the heart. Running is a great vibrating massage of the face, muscles, and skin from its only benefits. But if you have back problems – they often begin with age in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, then you need to be careful running. After all, this increased load on the spine. If it is weak, there is a risk of imbalance that could have serious problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Be aware – How endurance exercises help relieve years

1.  Moderate aerobic exercise: jogging, running in place, cycling, swimming. That rejuvenates leather.
2.  Exercise with load: pull-ups, sit-ups, push-ups. That rejuvenates muscles and the brain.
3.  Fast walking. That rejuvenates the heart, and blood vessels.
4.  Running. That rejuvenates face muscles.
5.  Stretching, yoga, Pilates. That rejuvenates the spine.

What to avoid:

– Excess physical exertion
– Strength exercises with problems with the cardiovascular system;
– Running in a weakened spine;
– Stretching exercises, if you have a vertebral disc herniation and other spinal injuries;
– Too frequent training: more than 2 – 2.5 hours in the gym every day. For the body, too much stress can lead to accelerated aging of muscles and other tissues and organs.

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