How to Slow Down Ageing?

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Growing old as we know is inevitable, but why not slow ageing. It’s hard not to notice that people age differently. Some have wrinkles on the face and belly fat appear already to 30 years, and the other 50 years differ youthful appearance and excellent figure. However, there are many safe ways to help can significantly slow down the aging process. Here are ten simple tips.

How to slow ageing1. Do not smoke and stay away from smoking
This is the most important piece of advice. We all know what kind of damage to health caused by tobacco – add wrinkles, destroy the lungs – in other words, there are many reasons to refrain from both active and passive smoking.

2. Maintain a low weight
Weight loss – a very important factor contributing to slow down ageing. Fat cells have an adverse effect on the body – in particular, cause hardening of the arteries, and a predisposition to the second type of diabetes.

3. Take vitamin supplements
Take natural vitamin supplements and antioxidant supplements. Water-soluble (e.g., vitamin C) and fat-soluble (e.g., full E complex and carotenoids). Take antioxidant complexes containing selenium, green tea extract, alpha lipoic acid, Resveratrol and coenzyme Q10. They stimulate the production of energy.

4. Once a week, refrain from eating
Proper diet prevents aging body cells, reduces the amount of sugar in the blood and prevents the development of inflammation, and contributes to lower the amount of free radicals. To replace the food, drink more water.

5. Keep a pet
Pet owners are less likely to seek medical attention, live longer, even after a heart attack, suffer less from depression and high blood pressure.

6. In chronic pain, seek medical care
Chronic pain, weaken the immune system, can cause depression and increase the level of harmful stress hormone cortisol.

Walk to slow ageing7. Walk in the fresh air
Walking in the fresh air is very helpful for your health and strengthen the cardiovascular system. With age, the blood vessels become fragile and exercise, especially walking contribute to their flexibility. Furthermore, the light exercise reduces the possibility of diabetes, cancer, depression, dementia or even slowing down the aging of the skin.

8. Less argue
Disputes and bickering increase the risk of clogged arteries. Instead of allowing the flare dispute convince yourself that it is normal to have different points of view.

9. Surround yourself with plants
A little work in the garden or in a greenhouse for growing plants is a great way to reduce stress or to recover from illness. It is proved that just being able to see the plants in the room or outside the window has a beneficial effect on the bedridden patients.

10. Perform strength exercises
Power gymnastics is almost as important for the aging  body, as well as a walk in the fresh air for normal heart function. After forty years, the body begins to lose annually about 115 grams of muscle mass, which is gradually replaced by fat. Lifting weights three times a week for half an hour allows you to make up for this loss.

Adhering to these simple guidelines, you can slow ageing process, live longer and happier.

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